We’ve always done everything we can to ensure our coffee is as fresh as possible when it arrives with you. As our bags are nitrogen-flushed before sealing, their contents are kept fresh for up to 6 months from roasting and we’ve also taken small but important steps like a zip seal and opaque packaging to keep air and UV light out. 

However, once a bag of coffee is opened there is inevitably going to be an increase in exposure to oxygen which means it begins to stale and fade faster. As the weeks pass, the more delicate and nuanced aromas and flavours we enjoy in our beans will start to drop out of the cup.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Fellow Products Atmos Vacuum Canister removes air, moisture and foreign odours, to slow down the rate of your beans aging, increasing your window of opportunity to enjoy them. By simply twisting the lid back and forth, air is sucked out from the canister to reduce the amount of oxygen interfering with the beans – a much more beneficial environment to store coffee in.

We recommend the clear glass option is placed in a cool dark place to protect your beans from sunlight, and if you’d rather keep your coffee in view on your kitchen counter, the Atmos Vacuum Canister is available in matte black and matte white stainless steel. 

Key features:

  • An integrated pump removes air from the inside by twisting the lid back and forth. 
  • A vacuum lock indicator in the lid turns green when the vacuum is locked. 
  • An easy release button to bring the air pressure back to normal when you’re ready for your next brew. 


  • Materials: Borosilicate glass or 304 18/8 matte black stainless steel
  • 0.7-litre capacity, capable of holding 350g+ of coffee with ease.  

Instructions & Safety Guide:

  • The Atmos Vacuum Canister is not suitable for storing ground substances, including ground coffee. This may clog the vacuum lid and prevent a proper vacuum seal being formed. 
  • The Atmos Vacuum Canister must not be placed upside down whilst contents are stored inside. 
  • This item is not dishwasher safe. For best cleaning practices, and more information on using the canister, please consult the Instructions and Safety Guide here.

Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow Products

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Keep your whole bean coffee fresher for longer, maintaining the complexity, vibrancy and nuance that make each cup so special.

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